How To Care For

Your PVC Chair Mat

How To Unroll

Your PVC Chair Mat


PVC chair mats are often packed in a rolled format for ease of delivery or handling. 

Unpack your mat and leave it in a warm environment before unrolling.


Once it's reached normal room temperature carefully unroll the mat.


Place on a flat surface with the "bow" facing upward.


Add weight to the corners of the mat, if necessary. 


Note: It may take at least 72 hours for the mat to regain its natural flat format. The warmer the environment, the quicker the mat will regain it's original flat format.

To clean your PVC chair mat,  use a soft cloth dampened with mild soap and water. 


Please Note: 

  • Do not use spiked chair mats on hard floors (wooden, linoleum, concrete, vinyl, tile). 

  • Do not cut or in any way alter mats as this will impair their performance. 

  • Do not use Chair Mats in wet areas. 

  • Do not use where there are extreme temperatures. 

  • Do not use chair mats with chairs that have metal casters/wheels. 

  • Do not subject mats to excessive concentrated loads. 

  • Take care to avoid contact with solvent-based paints, inks, varnishes, alkali cleaners, bleaches and oils. 

  • Do not use with rough textured floor tiles or with floors that have wide gooves between tiles or with ridged, pitted or uneven concrete floors. 


The E-tailer you purchased your Mammoth Office Product Chair Mat is your first point of contact for product returns. Please consult their return policy and their customer service representatives prior to contacting Mammoth Office Products. 


For warranty support, please read our Chair Mat Limited Warranty
(to the left) to determine if your situation fits the circumstances for warranty support. If so, please contact us at: Gather and scan a copy of your receipt or purchase order. Photograph the context of use for your chair mat and the specific chair mat damage. Please submit all scanned/photographed (.jpg) resources to: You will be contacted within three (3) business days of your submission with further direction. 

Mammoth Office Products provides a limited warranty on all PVC chair at products which guarantees them to be free from any defects in material and workmanship at time of sale to the original purchaser, and will not crack, chip, break or shatter under normal usage. The warranty applies only to the original purchaser. Should any product during the warranty period, in Mammoth's sole opinion, prove to be defective in material and/or workmanship under normal usage, Mammoth will, at its option, replace the product at no charge (except as otherwise stated herein) provided that the product has not been subjected to abuse, misuse, misapplication, neglect, accident, disaster, alteration or modification.  


THE WARRANTY IS VOID under certain conditions, including but not limited to: use of metal casters; placement of furniture or other stationary objects on the chair mat; use of chair mat in an application not recommended by Mammoth for that particular model; cutting or altering of the chair mat in any way by any individual or company other than Mammoth or its designated agent; misapplication, neglect, accident, disaster, alteration or modification will VOID THE WARRANTY. 


Normal wear and tear, including but not specifically limited to, marring and scuffing is not covered under the warranty. To apply for a replacement, submit us an email with a scan of the dated sales receipt or purchase order and an image of the mat in application and of specific damage. Send all of this to:


This warranty does not cover damage from accidents, misuse, abuse, or improper handling. In no case, shall Mammoth's liability under any other remedy prescribed by law exceed the purchase price. 


How To Return A Chair Mat 

Chair Mat Care & Support


Proper use and care of your chair mat is critical to maintaining your limited one year warranty.

Please read and follow the instructions provided herein, before contacting Mammoth Office Products.