White Board & Tack Board

Care & Support


Proper use and care of your white board or tackboard is critical to maintaining your product warranty.

Please read and follow the instructions provided herein, before contacting Mammoth Office Products. 

The E-tailer you purchased your Mammoth Office Product White Board or Tackboard is your first point of contact for product returns. Please consult their return policy and their customer service representatives prior to contacting Mammoth Office Products. 


For warranty support, please read our White Board or TackBoard Warranty information (to the left) to determine if your situation fits the circumstances for warranty support. If so, Please contact us at: info@mammothop.com. Gather and scan a copy of your receipt or purchase order. The photograph the context of use for your chair mat and the specific chair mat damage. Please submit all scanned/photographed (.jpg) resources to: info@mammothop.com. You will be contacted within three (3) business days of your submission with further direction. 

Mammoth Office Products provides the following warranties for white boards and tackboards, via the manufacturer of these products: 


Warranty Specifics

  • 50 Years - Porcelain Whiteboards

  • 20 Years - Painted Steel White Boards 

  • 10 Years - Acrylite White Boards and Cork, Fabric & Vinyl Tackboards


For warranty or coverage questions regarding these products, please email: info@mammothop.com

          How to Care For

Your Whiteboard or Tackboard

How To Return Your White Board or Tackboard

White Board & Tackboard Product Warranties



PLEASE USE whiteboard cleaner to clean your new whiteboard prior to first use.  Rinse with clean water and dry with a soft cloth.


Completely erase your board after each day of use. 


For general cleaning, please use a soft, wet cloth. 


Stubborn old marks can be erased by marking over them with a black erasable marker. 


USE ONLY dry erase markers and erasers on Mammoth Office Product White Boards.




Vinyl: Remove stains as quickly as possible to eliminate any possible reaction between staining agent and the vinyl material.


Please clean with mild detergents, such as soap, detergent and water. PRECAUTION: Carefully scrape chewing gum, crayon, paint, etc. off before other cleaning attempts. If stronger cleaning is required, use a liquid houshold cleaner (e.g. Lestoil) with natural sponge and the mild household cleaner. 


Recycled Rubber: Please clean with detergent and water. Stubborn stains may be removed with abrasive scouring powder and water. 


Fabric OR Natural Cork: Please clean with a damp cloth using mild soap and water.  

Installation Instructions